Contesting Ohio

28 Minutes |
Still from Grassroots: Contesting Ohio, a film by Pam Walton Productions

Grassroots persuades with intimacy and accessibility.

—The Palo Alto Weekly

Grassroots: Contesting Ohio is designed to empower ordinary citizens by showing local activists at work creating change in our democracy.


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Contesting Ohio asks: Can a group of ordinary citizens influence the huge electoral machine that runs our country? Can they make their voices heard when the media and most of the country are ignoring them? Immediately after November 2, 2004, a group of passionately concerned San Francisco Bay Area residents said yes. They were teachers, lawyers, business people, computer experts, and other ordinary citizens—and they came together because of their shared desire to reform the computerized election process and to expose possible election fraud. They hoped to influence the ratification of the 2004 electoral college vote, and their specific target was Senator Barbara Boxer from California.


“Electoral accountability is an issue that has received scant attention by mainstream media outlets, and Grassroots: Contesting Ohio will do much to remedy this situation. I’m impressed with both the quality of production and the information it provides.”

—Eric Galatas, Dish Network’s Free Speech TV
Still from Grassroots: Contesting Ohio, a film by Pam Walton Productions (Peter)

“I just previewed your documentary, Grassroots: Contesting Ohio, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly is a story that needs to be told.”

—Goldie Gardner, WNED/PBS, Buffalo, NY

“Walton’s film zooms in close on a small group of activists… Grassroots persuades with intimacy and accessibility.”

—The Palo Alto Weekly

“I appreciate that there’s no name-calling and gross partisanship in the production. Grassroots: Contesting Ohio will make an excellent addition to the KPTS schedule.”

—David Brewer, KPTS/PBS, Wichita, Kansas

Grassroots: Contesting Ohio is an excellent civics lesson.”

—Gail Loeber, National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)
Still from Grassroots: Contesting Ohio, a film by Pam Walton Productiosn (Lytton Plaza-banner)

Grassroots is one of the few sources available about the presidential election of 2004 and the questions that arose from it about election integrity. We could use at least 100 copies of this film, and, considering our connections to the international branches of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and to chapters of The Raging Grannies all over the country, it would likely be many more.”

—Ruth Robertson, The Raging Grannies San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula Chapter


Grassroots: Contesting Ohio, a film by Pam Walton Productions - Best Social Commentary, Poppy Jasper Short Film Festival


  • Free Speech TV
  • WNED, Buffalo
  • KPTS, Wichita
  • National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA)


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